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General Troubleshooting

Why do I keep getting disconnected?

There could be multiple reasons why your connection could be dropping.

Most likely it will be your router dropping the connection for a split second. Your VPN connection relies on secured pings every few seconds between the software and our servers. If this ping is not received, the connection will drop. To keep your connection totally secure, you will need to re-authenticate the connection after dropping. This procedure can be frustrating sometimes but it has been specifically designed to prevent your connection from being compromised.


  1. Try connecting to a different server, as there might be a high load on the current one you are connected to.
  2. Additionally, try changing the protocol, this can be down within the settings section of the application. Under VPN connection protocols.
  3. Try connecting from another device to see if the issue is with the device. 

If all these fail, please email us: the following information. This will allow us to look into the issue and make improvements on our servers.

- Server name

- Email address

- Timezone

- Time

- Date

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